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Friday, May 22, 2015

Whats Happening on the Homestead~ May 22, 2015~

We've had a pretty normal week here around the house. The big kids and I have been going about our normal routines and keeping our chores done. With a family as large as ours, cleanliness and organization is a MUST! So a chore list that is reasonable and clearly posted is a huge part of that. We try to divide everything that needs to be done, equally among myself and the 3 older children. Since we've got on top of all of it, the list has become fairly easy to get done every day. Of course Sundays are our day of rest and we only do the bare minimum on that day. I've also tried to get really purposeful on our meals and menu planning. That helps a lot. Can I just say I LOVE my crockpot?!
Next Friday my sweet husband, Cameron, will be having a minor knee surgery. Since he will be out of work quiet a few weeks, Im trying my best to get an "emergency plan" in place and make sure we keep the homestead going as usual without to much variation. As Im sitting here typing this, my sweet little Sarah Elizabeth is steadily kicking my Macbook. This is a reminder that our summer will have a lot of events that will change the course of our schedule. Again, thats why an emergency plan is going to be SO important. Especially for me. I thrive on order and routine.My children do too! The super relaxed, zero type of plan days, do not work for us. Once I have my "emergency plan" laid out, I'll share it here, in case any one is interested. 
I want to try and share a few photos of what we've been up to lately!

            Here I am last night at 30 weeks pregnant with our newest little addition, Sarah Elizabeth
     Emily and Jackson in the back yard today, enjoying some outdoor time, and having big sister          snap their photos!

               James~ I have to say I may be partial, but I have a really handsome young man here!
                                                                  ~Little Miss Emily~
                             Our red-headed wood pecker who loves to eat from our bird feeder
                                                            ~My precious little Jonas~

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  1. Maudie,

    You look beautiful! Congratulations on yet another baby!!!